Kids like to play, that's the bottom line.

Those years competing will create some of the most memorable moments of thier lives.

You want to remember those times, because they're gone before you know it.

Action photos, by there very nature, are unpredictable. We watch sports because we don't know what will happen. That's what makes it exciting! Capturing that action is also unpredictable. But I try to know the sport, and anticipate the action, hopefully saving some memorable moments.

I can be contracted by the game, by the team, or by the player (or players).

When creating portraits, most photo companies look for orders to be placed up front. They line up the kids, set the pose, click click, and move on. They pick the best shot and fill your pre-paid order. Sometimes the photos are great! Sometimes not... But you paid, so your order is filled.

I like to bring out some personality, then offer a choice. I shoot a "Mom's pose", then I let the kids take control!

Results can be unpredictable. Results can also be spectacular!

You get to see the photos in our online gallery before purchase. Often there are multiple poses available. If you like a photo(s), place an order, right from the online gallery! If not, no problem. I wouldn't want you to be unhappy with your order. This approach doesn't work for every organization, but I've had success with it. 

Contact us if you want to choose the best memories of your athletes!