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photo logistics
Let’s just start off by saying that the title is only wishful thinking. I have never been able to “control” the sun. It does what is does, and we only have the option of planning so we can take advantage of the sun, not control it. When shooting any ...
As we move through August, you can’t help but think about the coming Fall. Everyone is bombarded by “back to school” advertising, and I’ve heard some whispers of pumpkin spiced coffee. I know hockey is a winter sport, but the local youth hockey progr...
What’s it like to take your fluffy family members to the doctor? Here are some photos to tell the story. I walked in, and right away I knew this was going to be fun. It would be a different kind of session. A gathering of cats and dogs we’re all expl...
photo philosophy

“There has never been a photo of me I liked…”

I’ve heard ‘em all.

So what happens when you need a headshot for yourself, your business, or for the company you work for?

“Headshot” is a common photography term thrown around often, and it should be self explanatory. Stating the obvious, a headshot is a photo of a person, intended to show the person’s face. If you ask 10 people, you may have a lot of similarity, but I ...