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Business Photography – Atmosphere Salon

Where do you get your hair done? What if you move, or aren't happy? How do you find a new salon?

The business of a salon is beauty. So, the presentation of the service should also reflect beauty, or style, or elegance, should it not?

At Atmosphere Salon in Westford, MA, their website was in need of an update. Most people checked there before considering a visit to the salon. The right photos of the salon and the stylists would have a big impact on the impression of a web visitor. The wrong photos, or no photos, might quickly lead on to the next salon.

So what's the goal? How can we present the salon in a way that would attract attention, and invite new clients?

one27photography was invited in to shoot both the salon space, and photos of the stylists. The salon space was to be done first, so a quick walk through with Wendy, the owner, to see what each area is about, and what she wants to highlight. Once the walkthrough is finished, I can think about angles and lighting in order to show each space at it's best.

 What's a salon without the people? Next we need to show off how things work, and who you can expect to see when you visit. Depending on the business or services provided, we do headshots, group shots, and/or what I like to call "action photos." These are staged, but made to show a typical scene on any given day.

Finally, let's see some additional style and personality in the details. This may be a product display, a decorative wall hanging, or some interesting tools to the trade.

Now in the case of Atmosphere Salon, the whole space was remodeled about a year after the initial photo session. The layout remained the same, but a whole new color scheme and decor style was put in place, so the photos were now out of date!

The new decor created a more crisp, modern look, but since the overall layout didn't change, we wanted to shoot similar angles for returning clients to recognize.

We shot new action shots and new detail shots, to give content to the new look.

Finally, since we had such a great time at the first session, giving the girls another modeling day in the spotlight was absolutely required!

Headshot Style
The Value of Photographic Coverage

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