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A Nantucket Photo Excursion

A Nantucket Photo Excursion

I’m back from our trip to Nantucket. This year was the 3rd year I’ve been on this trip. At this point, I know my way around the island pretty well, so we could be confident in where to go for some new images. Transportation logistics are the main limiting factor, as we are limited to bicycles for transportation.

Along the Nantucket bike path system.Along the Nantucket bike path system.

The system of bike paths on Nantucket is excellent, so getting most places is pretty easy. Time and distance are usually the only obstacles in reaching a location. I have always wanted to visit the Great Point Lighthouse on the northeast tip of the island. Unfortunately, it isn’t accessible by bicycle, as the last 3 or so miles are beach, and the sand is to soft and deep to successfully ride over. The lighthouse is accessible by 4 wheel drive vehicle, so the plan is to ferry my SUV over for next year’s trip.

I always plan a sunrise and a sunset excursion during this trip. Amazingly, there are always others from the group interested in tagging along, and most impressively, more get up for the sunrise ride. This year our group was 9, which is a few more than I expected. We wake at 4am, and cycle into downtown, heading over to the Brandt Point Lighthouse.

You can always plan for the best light, but any trip is subject to the weather. This trip brought us some pretty significant rain and winds, but our sunrise trip was planned for the day after the storm, so I thought we had a chance. There was some disappointment as we woke to overcast skies. Still, we made our way into town, and headed for the lighthouse. I found the best shots were had before sunrise, as the blue sky held more interest that the overcast clouds as the morning brightened.

Brandt Point Lighthouse - 32mm, ISO 400, f/11 HDR image from 5 bracketsBrandt Point Lighthouse - 32mm, ISO 400, f/11 HDR image from 5 brackets

The shells on the beach made for some nice leading lines as well.

Shells Under the LightShells Under the Light

For the non-photographers, it was a very pleasant, serene experience being in town and on the beach before most people are up, but I think the highlight for most of the group was the stop at Island Coffee at 5:30!

After such an early rise, the rest of the day was pretty laid back. But as the sun started to drop, It looked like the best light of the trip was moving in, so we headed out to Jetties Beach on the north shore of the island. Sunset was scheduled for 8:17pm, so we arrived at about 7:40, while the sun was still up. I immediately noticed the skyline of the dunes.

Dunes on Jetties Beach, 46mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1/500secDunes on Jetties Beach, 46mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1/500sec

The contours of the dunes made a nice notch for the sun, and f/11 created a nice starburst. There were no clouds over the water where the sun was dropping, so my attention turned away from the sun as there were some clouds turning pink as the sun fell away.

Cliffs on the north shore of Nantucket Island 24mm, ISO 400, f/14 HDR image from 5 bracketsCliffs on the north shore of Nantucket Island 24mm, ISO 400, f/14 HDR image from 5 brackets

Overall, it was a fun trip, even though the light was less than ideal for most of the trip. Glad we made it out to the final sunset!

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